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Toshiba Color Printers require you to sign up for access.
Request access to Toshiba Printers
All printing to SRC printers must be done from SRC stations.
Check your printing allotment


We have eleven computer stations in C206 for students and faculty to use. Eight stations are supported with UITS/STC software, including ChemOffice Pro and Spartan, and three stations running Mac OS. The Macs have iMovie (video editing), iDVD (dvd authoring), Final Cut Pro (high-end video editing), and ETC software.


We have a Toshiba eStudio 2524c color printer with scan to email, and photo copy support. To print or copy with this device users need an account through ITG, students and faculty can request an account with this form.


HP Designjet Z6100ps

This plotter is available for use in the Shared Resource Center. It can produce greater print volumes more quickly, with maximum print speeds of over 1,000 ft per hour. The maximum print length is 100 feet, with a width ranging from 24″ to 42″. This printer uses 42″ wide Satin Photo Paper and 42″ wide 6 mil Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

Satin Finish Photo Paper: $15/linear foot. Water-Resistant Satin Cloth: $18/linear foot, available by request. Fill out an ITG Job Request to get started.

Printing with the plotter requires an IU Group Account. Each page can have a resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.

Click here for instructions.


We have a Grommet Press available for checkout in A720. Instructions are included in this kit.

Plotting at Wells Library

In order to print from the plotter using the money from a grant account, you’ll first need to go to the Support Center in the library with the number of the grant account and a general idea of how much it will cost (see pricing sheet below), and the Support Center will transfer funds from the grant account to the personal account of whoever is sent over to print. This is necessary because the user will be logging into the computer with their personal account rather than with the credentials of the grant account, therefore the print will be released from their personal account rather than the grant account making it necessary to transfer the funds as there is no way to release the job from the grant account.

After transferring the funds at the Support Center, you can go up to the fourth floor where one of their consultants can assist you in getting the posters set up, if necessary, and assist with releasing the print job.

GBC Docuseal 95

Cost: $1.00/page

Plastic sleeves for the laminator are available directly above the laminator on the shelf in a box. To use the laminator, turn it on and let it get up to the appropriate temperature, put your document in one of the plastic sleeves, then put that plastic sleeve in the cardboard folder and send the whole package through the laminator. The cardboard sleeve helps protect the document and gives the laminated cover a smooth finish. If you need help using the laminator, submit a job ticket and a member of ITG will be down to help.

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