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Temp Monitors

A202(Server Room) - 73.96F
Mon May 2 06:33:02 2016
ITG A701 - 76.01F
Mon May 2 06:33:02 2016
Temperature History

Setting Up a VPN

To install the latest vpn client please do the following. These instructions are for windows only.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Networking -> VPN Installers -> Windows XP VPN Installer for IUB -> Download

  1. Accept the defaults
  2. You will now find the VPN Client in
    Start > Connect To > IUB VPN Connection
    Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > IUB VPN Connection
  3. When you launch it you will see the following
  1. Enter your IUB Password
    Select Save Password if you wish
    Select Connect Automatically if you wish to prevent having to click connect in the future
    Click Connect
  2. You should see in the 2 computers with a cloud icon in your task manager